The Day Ray Types

Individuals born on the same day of the week have certain INNER similarities. In a sense they are the same type of souls. The fact that there are seven Day Ray types means that lots of sevenfold spiritual interactions are possible and that makes the world very interesting!

Born on Sunday – Sun Type

Sun Types possess a confident bearing and a healthy vitality. Even if they do become ill, they recover with greater ease than most. They have strong passion and independent wills.  They shine when they are in charge and directing the actions of others. Sun types have the capacity to see the bigger picture and the motivation to probe into the secrets of life. They dislike being told what to do, but will model themselves after more successful figures. If they make the big mistake of viewing themselves above the law, they suffer public humiliation. In their youth, Sun types may be somewhat egotistical or selfish, but they become more personally generous or spiritually contemplative as life proceeds.

Born on Monday – Moon Type

Moon Types experience life within an emotional framework. Like the riders of a roller coaster, one moment they are up and the next day they are down. Moon types can make themselves extremely unhappy if they compare their lives to others. They do better to react to situation rather than to set the pace. They excel when they relax and go with the flow, especially natural rhythms. Their responses to problems are quite sound as they can sense the needs of those around them, but they make the mistake of becoming too attached. Moon types are sustained by the power of their own imaginations and memories. Overall their lives suffer or prosper depending upon their emotional habits.

Born on Tuesday – Mars Type

Mars Types are always on the move and dislike restraints of any kind. It is hard for them to sit still unless they are directed to do so. Their bold actions and strong appetites may lead to bad habits in lifestyle or behavior. Likewise the Mars temperament is impulsive, which is often interpreted as rash, impetuous, or headstrong by others. In their speech they can be quarrelsome; still there is no one better to have on your side if you need defending. When the energy of a Mars type is focused they can accomplish more in an hour than others can do in a day. They especially enjoy training themselves to use the instruments, tools, or weapons that make their efforts more effective.

Born on Wednesday – Mercury Type

Mercury Types operate at the speed of light and sound. They are highly aware of their surroundings when they are not lost in their own thought processes. Mercury types are quick to pick up on current trends and learn languages easily. Oddly they may not recall the word they have spoken moments previously. Their utter devotion to self-improvement makes them excellent instructors and communicators of technical information. Mercury types are highly impressionable and make wonderful mimics. They are not beyond misrepresenting the situation if it suits their purposes. Mercury individuals with a sense of compassion may choose to serve their fellow beings in the fields of medicine or public health.

Born on Thursday – Jupiter Type

Jupiter Types view life as a positive experience which should be enjoyed. Not only do they long for the best that money can buy, they enjoy traveling and seeing for themselves how other people live. Their high regard for quality pushes them to maintain everything have have accumulated over time. Still possessions are not as dear to these folks as are their social reputations, which tend to be professional or professorial. Jupiter types prefer not to offend others, yet they become outraged when their own sense of pride is wounded. Their beliefs tend to be devout along the lines of orthodoxy, but sometimes equally ardent regarding less conventional belief systems.

Born on Friday – Venus Type

Venus Types look for situations that allow them to improve the world or create a sense of harmony. Intuitively they sense the existence of the Inner worlds, yet they feel separated in an inexpressible way. Consequently they dream about high-minded principles and lovely ideals, the more unattainable the better. Venus types enjoy beautifying things, including themselves and their surroundings. They are attracted to any relationship that offers the experience of love, They may hold back their needs for the sake of peace, but this only works for a while, A point comes when the circumstance must be brought back into balance. Confrontation is the hardest lesson for a Venus type.

Born on Saturday – Saturn Type

Saturn Types approach life head-on because they view survival as the ultimate challenge. Their personal interactions with physical existence are stabilizing and their practical efforts can shape our ongoing reality. Their early lives usually hold some significant limitation or personal challenge. Seeing things as primarily black or white, these folks have a tendency to become despondent or sullen if they are not treated fairly. Even brute force can be rationalized, even when it is known not to be right. Saturn types do best as they detach themselves from the results of their actions and perform their duties as good works.

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