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DAYOLOGY – Profiles

This page indexes all the PROFILES of the interesting people analyzed on this blog. Learn how their Dayology signatures  set the directions of their lives.

Gloria Allred –  Super dedicated human rights defender.
Lin-Manuel Miranda – Actor, singer, playwright and activist.
Rachel Maddow – The policy wonk with an evening news show.
Joy Reid – The bright and sunny host of MSNBC AM Joy.
John Glenn – The American astronaut and devoted husband.
JonBenét Ramsey – Child whose murder remains unsolved.
Angela Huth – Author, journalist and happy synaesthete.
Billy Kimmel – Little baby at center of a big controversy.
Neil M. Gorsuch – The new U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
Heather Heyer – Killed stranding up to white supremacists.
Andrea Mitchell – Celebrating 50 years as a newscaster.
John R. Lewis – The U.S. representative and civil rights activist.
Hope Hicks – The Director of White House Communications.
Carl Sagan– An astrophysicist and open-minded skeptic.
Angela Merkel – The German Chancellor snubbed by Trump.
Dalai Lama – Advocate for human kindness and compassion.
Bill O’Reilly – Commentator recently dismissed from Fox News.
Jared Kushner – Adviser to President under investigation.
Yoko Ono – She receives recognition from the music industry.

What famous or  accomplished person would you like you see profiled on the Dayology blog?