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The Seven Pointed Star

Geometry recognizes the seven pointed star as the Septagram or Heptagram. This fascinating shape is called the Faery Star or Elven Star by the pagans, wiccans, and other spiritually oriented individuals. As a symbol the seven pointed star is commonly worn as a personal amulet and utilized in rituals. Photo Credit – sevgijewelr DAYOLOGY LINKs The information and images of these […]…

Sweet Social Justice

As hard as it is to change our personal beliefs and habits, there is great satisfaction in seeing others gain more of their human rights. Likewise  we experience discomfort, even deep suffering, when we know that individuals and groups are being deprived of these basics. This view of social justice is heart centered and is based upon our essential biological […]…

It’s Hump Day

While it’s hard to discover how many popular expressions have originated, Hump Day is a no-brainer. If the five weekday workdays are lined up in a row Wednesday falls right in the middle. People, who dislike their job often feel that once that they have made it to Wednesday, it’s a downward slide to the weekend. Those with Friday deadlines […]…

What’s the Attraction?

According to every popular news outlet Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are married. Back in 2017 Rachel was unmarried and looking for love. She tried out as a contestant for the Bachelor and became one the many attractive women who vied for the love of Nick Viall. She placed third, but it was announced very shortly that Lindsay would be […]…

Greta Thunberg

This young person has done more to influence humanity’s attitude toward climate change than anyone alive.  In 2018 Greta Thunberg staged a one-person sit-in on the steps of the Parliament building in Stockholm where for three weeks she demanded that politicians take stronger action in dealing with Climate Change. After the election she returned to school for four days a […]…

The Face of Evil

Today is Saturday. Supposedly it is our day of rest. Last Saturday the white supremacist El Paso shootings demanded our attention and this weekend we learn that the life of a serial pedophile has unexpectedly ended. Neither of these Saturday events could have been anticipated in the twisted forms that they have taken. Suddenly we see that these horrific events […]…

More Than a Coincidence?

Boris Johnson is Britain’s new Prime Minister. He certainly has the political savvy to guide the nation, having served in the offices of Member of Parliament, Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary. Still there is more to being a valuable world figure than having been there and done that. Intentions and understandings count, and in these regards Johnson has always […]…

Pasta on Wednesday

There’s an old New England tradition of serving pasta for Wednesday supper. In fact there’s a story of how it got started. In 1912 a small company began on Prince Street in Boston’s North End. 100 years later Prince is part of Riviana Foods Inc. and still producing a huge line of pasta products all reflecting today’s tastes. Along the way television was […]…

Being Human on this Planet

One of our most enlightening experiences occurs when we realize that we can get along with others without holding the same beliefs or having the same habits. It is exactly at this moment that we switch gears, so to speak, from being stuck in the limited perceptions of the OUTER SELF and finding ourselves in the unlimited awareness of the […]…

The Healthiest Day

Back in 2014 an interesting study was published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine and appeared online in Science Direct. A group of doctors examined the Google search queries during a specific period for messages that indicated an interest in personal health. Their study The Healthiest Day reported they had found an heightened interest in personal health concerns on Monday and […]…